Saturday, January 11, 2014

10km jog every weekend

Looks like this is going to be my weekend routine.

Running really makes me feel great.

Actually, I was supposed to go to Nuang this morning with Afzan. Training (at least 1 loop 10km) for Nuang Ultra. But have to cancel it last minutes. Mamoru only have 1 day to spend with us. He'll be working on Sunday.

I wanted to register myself for Nuang Ultra Trail Run. But have to check my fitness level first.. haha. The registration fees is damn expensive. So if my performance is not up for it, I dont have to waste my money la kan.. hehe.

Details for Nuang Ultra (12 Hours Trail run):

Date: 2 March 2014

Distance: 50km minimum -10km per loop

Elevation: 530m (per 10km)

Cut off : 12 Hours

Note: Minimum 50km to to get finisher Tee & Medal 

Now who would like to date a woman who loves to run, climb and hike.

This is what I must bring when I run alone:

1. Spibelt : Sangat compact untuk letak Note2, cash, car keys. Pakai kat pinggang.
2. Earphone attach dengan Note2. Must have :)
3. Note2 : Boleh guna untuk dengar lagu dan paling penting untuk tahu berapa km aku dah lari dan timing. (Aku guna apps Runkeeper)
4. My Suunto M2 and Suunto dual belt (attach kat dada). Suunto watch memang sangat cool. Mine just basic version. Tapi cukup untuk monitor heart rate, berapa banyak kalori burn, reminder for next training, rest time, etc. Macam personal trainer camtu.. haha.

725 kalori burned for 10km session (mix trek)

Result dari Runkeeper stated calories burned lebih rendah dari Suunto. Tapi Suunto lebih accurate sebab base on heart rate :)

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