Friday, February 07, 2014

#Throwback2013: Petzl Trail Night Run at Putrajaya Challenge Park

Woo.. woo.. gila lama entry ni terselit  dalam draft.

This is one of the best event in Dec last year. Siyes.

Trip ni buat hampir semua team dalam Gogo turun padang. Havoc.

Nak cerita lebih pun aku dah tak ingat. Layan gambar je lah nahh.

Our trademark for #selfie. 9o'clock: Afzan, Ain, Aisya, Kay, Me, Fazi, Zu's Friends, Zu, Erin, Man, Ajuk & Chua.

Me & Erin

The muddy fields.

Keep calm and run, they said.

Tall grass

One of the runner injured herself. She had her ankle twisted. The ambulance arrived 5 minutes later. You have to be more careful when running at nights. Especially trail run. Dont run alone.

Muddy trail

I made them stop at every check point just to take photos like this.

The whole team

Kay lead the way. Not to mention she saw a couple of small snakes crossing the trail. Lucky Afzan brought a trekking pole and push the snakes away using his pole.

We really enjoy the trail run

The super crazy friends

We had fun

Tak kira dimana

Tolha being silly. He thougt he's Batman.

Putrajaya view at night

Exhausted. But still wearing

Last few km before finishing line.

We took almost 2 hours to complete the marahon.

With our finishing medal

Add caption

Petzl - official sponsor

Bergambar tak sudah

Supper berjemaah

Me n my sista

The route

Petzl race kit.. dapat tshirt, petzl katalog book & petzl headlamp Tikkina2. Not suitable for running. Bawak hiking boleh la

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