Monday, December 11, 2017

Klang Citi International Marathon 2017

Dont feel like updating anything about KCIM 2017 though I won 3rd place in my category for a 42km marathon. At least, not now, because,

First, I didnt get any PB -suprisingly I made it to the podium.
Second, a friend, sub-6 hours pacer still in a coma after being hit by a car during the run.
Third, most runners, papers, publics keep pointing fingers blaming the organiser, driver, etc.

For me its just a matter of time. For all the mushroom organizers who seen marathons as a profitable business to pay a 100% focus on safety.

Im not just talking about KCIM. This is for ALL organizers. I ran so many races & events. 90% of this races/events I didnt feels safe at all. So, please,

If you cant get a full road closure then change your date.
If you cant change your date then change your route.
If you cant do any of this, then dont ever think of organizing any race.

Its a road race, for heaven's sake. Close the road.

As simple as that.

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