Thursday, December 21, 2017

Travel, make memories & run a Marathon

I have upgraded my training from group training session to one-on-one session with coach Edan.

I have a very big dream. Most of it about running. But apart from it, I also plan for something benefitial out of it for my future & family as well. Just gotta work hard for it. InsyaAllah.

Oh, one bad news (not so bad actually): I have to DNS (did not show-up) for my Cebu marathon in Philipines next January as the date clashes with my step-sister's wedding. She was supposedly to wed this December but have to change the date due to unforeseen reason. So, family comes first kan ❤️

Anyway, I already got something bigger than Cebu 😊😊. Last week, Jolene asked me whether I wanted to join them for SAC runcation in Australia. Kak Rin & Vanidah also pujuk me to run Gold Coast. Tapi last week tak decide lagi nak pi ke tak.

But today,  I made up my mind. Yes! I want! I want! 

2018 is my time to fly high!

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