Sunday, December 03, 2017

Fun run with kiddos

Been making myself busy this week (next week too). As a distraction from thinking about my upcoming race (6 days left).

Been reducing my running mileage too. No more double session. No more long run. More rest.

Coach Edan jokingly said, "Remember taper weeks. Jangan lari 100km pulak this week".


Received so many good news from SAC members who ran Singapore Standard Chartered, Angkor Watt & other marathons this weekend. All got their PBs. Wow.. so happy for them. At the same time, I felt a little pressure here. Next weekend will my turn 😌😌


Anyway, I had so much fun this morning at Bukit Jalil. Fun run with the family.

Ariff been wanting to run since few months ago. He really envy me everytime I run or win my races. He wanted to run and win his own trophy (not just finisher medal). He got big dream there. Mommy will help you achive your dreams sayang, insyaAllah ❤️❤️

But today event is just fun run. No prizes or running category for kids. He did well tho. Only Amarr slowed him down as Mamoru have to ran with Amarr and didnt allowed him to run   alone.

Me? Enjoyed my turtle pace with Aleesya.. haha. Kami tinggal jauh kat belakang. I let her walked by herself. But after 700meters, she slowed down. But still not giving up tho. I carried her in my arms, anyway. Kesian.. hihi. But once in a while I let her walk on her own. Tapi balik rumah.. fingsan.. lena sunggung dia tidur ❤️❤️

Before the run started.

Main bola sepak.

Good girl. Tapi pagi tu cranky sekejap sebab mommy tak bagi join abang2 main bola sepak. Haish.

Starting point

Dalam stadium. Sampai dah tak ada runners dalam ni tau disebabkan pace turtle kami hihi

Kiddos at water station. Mamoru yang ambil gambar ni. Disebabkan ni event 100%, maka air yang ada semua isotonik. Luckily ada mineral water kat WS ni. Kiddos tak minum air manis. Aleesya je yang tak kisah. Almost suku air tin 100% Aleesya minum pagi tadi. Risau pulak kalau dia terlebih energy.. haha.

Happy faces except Aleesya hihi.

Mommys little angel. Actually ni baby strap bertali. Tanak kasi dia lari jauh2 😂😂

Kiddos & daddy ❤️❤️❤️

We ran stadiums bukit jalil 😊😊

Big balls!!

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