Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Babai wisdom teeth

Finally yesterday, I went for an overdue minor surgery to removed my wisdom teeth.

It cost me a total of one thousand ringgit for that one single teeth. Btw it only cost RM50 at gov hospital. But I liked the private clinic better. Coz they have cute doctors and gentle nurses. Haha.. no lah. Im just scared of needdles. Need a very caring doctor to attend my mengada2 attitude.

And luckily yesterday, that doctor really cute and sooo caring. Mamfus kalau wife dia tau.. haha. Its just a one time "date". Im soo not gonna repeat it. Date guna scalpel.. ngeri. And syukur, tak sakit langsung. Tenkiuuu doctor!

Was suposed to get rid of my wisdom teeth a month ago.  But when the dentist said I cannot run and have to rest for at least a week after the operation, I just couldnt accept that.  and decided to postponed it till after I finished my Klang marathon.

Guess that is not a wise decision. As the pain also affected my training (tho it only sakit after the run. Not during the run). But its bearable.

But then, when Aleesya down with high fever 2 days before race day, I already knew my body had too much. I got aches all over my upper body coz I only slept on one side two nights in a row as I breastfed Aleesya.

Almost want to DNS. But I proceed to the hotel (since already paid for it). And the hospital is just few minutes from our hotel, in case if Aleesya's tempreture reaches more than 39°c.

It was Mamoru who persuaded and convinced me to run. So I ran But I knew I wont be making any PB.


Race day:

I jogged to starting poing which is 5 mins from our hotel. Met few drunkers outside the hotel. Scared the hell out of me.

Met Ezam before flag off. We discussed about the lack of safety barrier/reflective cons for road/lane closures. I havent seen any along the marathon route. But Ezam said, maybe the organizer waited until the official timing for road closure to line up the cones.

Never thought that our concern about this issue became real when 3 runners gothit by a car during the race. And one of them still in coma. What a tragedy.

The first 10km of the race route was good. Both highway was closed. I ran in the middle of the road without having to worry about cars or anything. Police traffice are everywhere. Lotsa of them. RELA too. Im impressed.

Its just that there is no volunteers along the route. Volunteers was only placed at the water stations. That became a problem when there was no arrow signage pointing to where to go at every junction. The police and RELA was just taking care of traffic. I have to asked the RELA/Police  few times which way to go.

And the route after 10km, we have to share it with the motorist. Which I didnt feels safe anymore. It always like this tau. Most of the running events I joined, almost all organizer take safety lightly. Especially for FM runners. Its hard to concerntrate on your running when at the same time you have to be alert of speedy cars or racing motrcyclist. Can we blame those drivers for driving so fast? Btw, how fast is fast. If we being hit at 60km per hour also can cause severe injury. 

Besides, its in the middle of the night. Those drivers perhaps didnt expect bunch of people would be running at that hours. No road closure.

Im just glad I finished the race in one piece. Injury free and still can dance my way to the podium for the award presentation.

I got 3rd place under my category with my worst timing for this year at 4:44. Didnt feel good at all to share the winning news in here as I didnt break any PB. Feels bad to take the credit (but the cash prize I take lah 😋). 

Anyway, wish all 3 runners speedy recovery. Especially Evelyn (a blogger too) who is still unconcious. Poor her husband and kids. Nobody would want anything like this to happen.

Luckily that RM1000 is claimable. And I got 3 days MC! Hihi.

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