Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Dear all marathon organizer in Malaysia,

Things I hope all marathon organizers in Malaysia would change/improve in 2018:

1. Safety

2. Categories: Pls be firm and fix the age category for women. Im confused coz sometimes they put me under women Open and few times under Veteran.  Mind you, we dont have Jr Veteran like the guys. Bias kan.

3. Fair prizes for all categories: Can u believe, we women run the same distance as men but our cash prizes often half than what men categories get? Any reason to that? Why so bias? Mens & Women veteren categories often being unfairly treated as they also received half of th prizes for the same distance in running. Why? Arent they putting the same effort as everyone else?

4. Pacers: Pls choose the one that can really do the job. Pacers must familiar with the route, water station, aids. And most important must run at the correct pace. Ive encontered pacer who make me sesat jalan this year, and pacer who run a little faster than they should and then slowed halfway chit chat with buddies then speed a little bit and waited at finishing with konon nak motivate runners to push their last 100metres. Be professional will ya? Run together finish together.

5. Running bib: Why need to print so big one? Hard to run with it. Can get paper cut or chaffing during our run tau. No one read or care about sponsors logo printed on it. Besides, its all already printed on our vest/tee. Less is more, ok.

Still got few more important things to jot down. But I gotta take the kids jalan2. To be continued.


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