Friday, May 30, 2014

Sweet little thing

Changed my whatsapps dp. I often change it actually.

Normally nobody would care. But yesterday, got quite a lot of response from all of my friends, except one.

Thought this one look funny and silly. But their responses are something else. Made my day.

This one from Mamoru. Tak romentik langsung.. hahaha.

Read this from ah Heng punya fb on post marriage. He said, after a while as all romantic moment met its end, there is now remains the unconditional love, should there be any.. hahaha.. so true!

Right. Who needs romantic when you already achieve the unconditional love stage (really?)

But still ah Heng, jangan la takut nak kahwen. We can make the romantic part happen.. haha.

Talking about romantic. Lets plan a vacation!

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