Saturday, May 24, 2014

Staying low

I have friends who does not have smartphones. They do have FB, Blog, other social network etc. They log-in the manual ways - using computer / laptop. But they 'live'. Survive.

Smartphone is convenience. But smartphones with social networks (FB, Whatapps, etc) are too overwhelming. I find myself wasting so much time on this thing.

I can't delete Whatapps. Its way better than sms. Plus its free.

I cant can't stop blogging. This has been apart of my life for more than 10 years already. Thats almost 1/3 of my history written in here.

That's will left me with FB. What is my main purpose creating that account? Oh yes, for marketing. For Makeupfreak business. Something that I did to distract me from my  outdoor xtvts few years back. Especially masa double A masih baby.

Now that kiddos dah besar, and I have found new distractions (climbing, running & hiking) FB is no longer needed, I think.

I have thousands of friends in FB. I have more than 900 friend requests which I never bother to approve, coz I dont know them.

Now that my FB account no longer serve it main purpose,  I often post something about personal life. Its fun at first. Not until people judging u. Or worst part some of them keep thinking that your status are about them. That is just sick.

I find it funny sometimes, when people upload same photos in 2 different social network (Instagram & FB). Somehow nak jaga hati, I have to click 'like' twice for that photos. Jangan kata orang lain, Aku pun apa kurangnya : I have 3 social network including Blog! 3 gambar yang sama di 3 tempat berlainan! Hahaha.


Thinking of deleting FB or Instagram.
Or Maybe both.
Or perhaps just deactivate it (since its contain lots of photos).
Or maybe restraint myself from posting about personal thing in there.

The fourth one sounds better :)

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