Friday, May 16, 2014

Pretty Friday

Sharing some of my favourite collections from my Murud expedition recently. All photos taken using my Canon Ixus 220HS

Trans Murud via Bario - Ba'kalalan 

29/4/14 to 5/5/14

Wild orchid planted by the Kelabit's people in Pa'Lungan, Bario

Aladdins pot-look-alike Pitchers plan (periuk kera) at Batu Linanit's peak

White wild orchid along the way from Lepo Bunga to Ba'kalalan

Wild mushroom on trail to Church Camp

This one below, copy from Fisol's Timeline. Tak clear tapi still love the beautiful surrounding.
River crossing. Serious banyak sungai nak kena cross. Best! View superb! Geng yang duduk tepi sungai tu tengah busy buang pacat.. hahaha. Besar-besar pacat kat sini. Demokkk..

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