Monday, September 11, 2017

NPE Highway Challenge 2017

Done ❤️

Feeling great tho I arrived few minutes late this morning. Not sure how late coz I forgot to bring my suunto with me. But late enough coz there was only 10km runners at starting point.. 😅😅

Running without suunto gps was hard. Its something I have to master after this. But it was good for short distance running as I wasnt stressed with timing & pace during the race.

Managed to catch the half-marathoner crowd after 1km. Damn that far.. hihi. Then  have to zig-zagged run crossed the leisure runners until 3km 😭😭😭

Took over Rumie at 8km. Sempat borak sekejap. Then jumpa Jolene at 12km borak lagi.. Ping at 15km.. and Tini almost at finishing.. hihi.

Crossing the line at 2:10 (timing at finishing). Have to wait for official net time to check my result.

Really enjoy the run especially the hilly route. And the best part was, spent time with my big running family after the race! Really made my day ❤️

Thank you everyone. 💋

📸: Rumie

Rahim was the happiest. Breaking his PB in 1:40. I am so jelly and inspired at the same time.. hihi

Photobombed by Rumi, Jolene, John & Ping (SAC team)

Suka depa noh.. love them too 💗

The girls

Our team, powered by Lebuhraya Grand Sepadu 💪💪💪💪

SAC team
Loveee this photo ❤️

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