Saturday, April 26, 2014


He saw me cried after solat.

I thought he was sleeping.

And I was crying longer than usual. A bit loud, I guess. Sobbing like a baby.

He came to me. Worried.

"Mommy nangis?"
"Siapa buat mommy?"
"Mommy.. mommy.. "
"Mommy sakit?"
"Uncle buat mommy?"

I hugged him tight.

"Mommy nak daddy?"

Aku just angguk. Cried again.

Funny part lepas tu, bila nak solat lagi, Amarr datang berdiri kat tepi aku.

"Mommy solat, mommy dont cry again ok"

Aku senyum angguk.

"Promise ok"

Aku angguk lagi :)

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