Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mad Thursday

Malam ni team Gogo team including Mamoru will be away for few days until next Tuesday. Masuk hutan 4 hari. Trans Gopeng - Cameron. 

Chua ada ajak aku join trip ni. But no. Tak sanggup nak berjauh dengan double A. Lagipun dua minggu lagi aku kena tinggalkan double A untuk 7 hari (trip ke Gunung Murud, Sarawak).

Have fun dalam hutan, geng. Be safe.

Couldn't forget the look on someone's face when he stopped in front of my door looking at my "office wear" with jacket yang I managed sarung sebelah tangan je, roti tergantung kat mulut, hp terpasang kuat lagu Master of Puppets with my hands busy unlocked grill rumah. Wish I could read his mind on how ridiculous I look this morning. But in second thought,  do I care what people think about how I dressed?  I kan fashion terrorist.

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