Monday, April 07, 2014

Not so good

Terrible headache.

Haven't eat any decent meal in 36 hours already.

2 of my heroes down with fever. One of them got chicken pox.

So, Heroin kena save the day lah.. or days or week.

Semalam lepas Autism Run, me & double A tersadai lebih 3 jam kat emergency unit Hospital Pantai Bangsar.

Hantar Mamoru buat check up. Risau tengok dia demam lembik sampai macam tu sekali. Luckily, result shows negative dengue.

Today he's on MC. So as Amarr. Ariff sorang je pegi school pagi ni.

Lunch hour tadi, balik rumah. Check out my heroes. Making sure they have a proper meals. Makan ubat semua. Then lari balik ofis semula.


Definitely no training for today. Badan rasa nak collapse je :(

Speedy recovery sayangs! Love both of u so much!

Harap Ariff won't get infected with his daddy's fever or Amarr's chicken pox virus.


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