Monday, January 01, 2018

Its 2018


Its my 13th years online blogging in here.

Technically, Im already 39 years (tho my birthday lambat lagi in July). I dont mind exposing my age. Besides, I dont look like Im 39 hihi. So no biggies.😋

Since I cant sleep. Coz I still havent finish with laundry & tidying the living room. Let me jot down few of my dreams for this year.

People said if you share your dreams out loud, you will surely have to work hard for it coz if you're not, that would be  ashame right? Im kinda woman who will get whatever I want, IF I wanted.

So this is my dreams:

To give my family the best.
Nothing but the best in attention, love, support, education & a better living standard. I want them to excel both in dunia & akhirat.

To continue excel in work. 
I want to keep my job for at least another 10 more years. I love working in this company. Love the perks, the job & my colleagues. Since I graduated, everytime I take a bus to balik kampung at Puduraya (got no car at that time) I always look at Menara Maybank and dreamt that one day I will be working in that building. Alhamdullilah, my dreams came true 10 years ago.

To improve my timing in marathon.
I want to be Boston qualifier. Actually, I want to be among the fastest woman marathoner in Malaysia. Yeah I know that sounds impossible.. laugh if you want haha. Its a BIG dream. Well, theres no boundaries for dreams. With persistence, perseverance and determination, I will get there, insyaAllah. And yes, this will take time. Hopefully not to long. Im glad Im on the right track now. With the right coach & team mates who motivate each other. Im so thankful.

To set up my own business based on things I like/love to do the most. This one, let me keep as a secret for now 😎

To travel more
Sometimes all I need is a reason to travel. Most of the time, I tend to get scared to be away far from my homeground - my comfort zone. Especially when big bucks is involve. Malaysian currency sucks.. haha. With the current rate, average people almost cant go anywhere. But what the heck kan.  We live just once. Might as well enjoyed it.

To make my dad happy
He dreamt to renovate and expand the house for his anak menantu. He did give me a hint that the renovation cost is approximately RM180k. Doakan my rezeki murah ya so that I could give my dad whatever he wants ❤️

That is.

Doakan impian saya menjadi kenyataan ya. Tenkiu. Aminnnn.

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bluefroggie93 said...

indeed ur e longest blogger..

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