Saturday, January 06, 2018

Mak Long kesayangan

The feeling when you are the coolest, craziest and happening Mak Long in the families and your nieces & nephews love you so much.

Mak Long loves you all too!

But Mak Long still cant accept ravers. What kind of dance move is that? Oh my, am I too old already? Hahahaha.



Havana, ooh na-na Half of my heart is in Havana, ooh-na-na He took me back to East Atlanta, na-na-na All of my heart is in Havana There's somethin' 'bout his manners Havana, ooh na-na He didn't walk up with that "how you doin'?" (When he came in the room) He said there's a lot of girls I can do with (But I can't without you) I'm doin' forever in a minute (That summer night in June) And papa says he got malo in him He got me feelin' like Ooh-ooh-ooh, I knew it when I met him I loved him when I left him Got me feelin' like Ooh-ooh-ooh, and then I had to tell him I had to go, oh na-na-na-na-na


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