Monday, January 22, 2018

Kiddos time

Hope kiddos had fun too yesterday. Daddy want them to try something new. Golfing & cycling. Took them here after I finished my run.

I also done my recovery running + cycling with them. Thanks to kiddos & Mamoru.

This week, Daddy will be away to Melaka. Kena pakai UltraMommmy'cape. Its going to be a super busy week. Bear with mommy ya anak2 ❤️❤️❤️

Amarr in action

My brother, Mamoru & Amarr. Boleh buat satu flight golf team ni.

Little princess dapat personal coaching ❤️

Yess!! Its a hole in one.. 😁😁

My brother ajar pasang tee

Lepas penat pukul bola, went for cycling pula. Ariff confident kayuh sorang2. He requested a new mountain bike for his birthday. Daddy will surely grant this one.

Amarr in action

Mommy & sil Ida pakat dok tepi je. Tak minat.. hihi

Aleesya ride with daddy & Amarr. Tapi daddy kayuh sorang2 😁😁

Tengok Aleesya tu, tanak turun tau. 3 kali pusing tasik besar ni dengan dia. Sekali dengan mommy, 2 kali dengan daddy

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