Sunday, January 14, 2018

My kind of weather

Done solo long run this morning. Started late but with this kind of weather, I could run all day. Serjukk.

Quite happy with my first week training. But still, theres lots more to improve.

Ive registered a few race for this year. Including few trail run. But this time, Im not aiming for ultra distance. E.g., Nuang Ultra, I might be doing only 30km - 35km and treat it as my long run. Same goes to Cultra, I plan to run 30km only (and podium 😎)

Oh.. I need to find a Pacer for my MWM 21k. Wanted  to break sub 1:45 *wink* Anyone? Hihi.

Jan 21 2018 Twincity 21km

Feb 4 2018 Nuang Ultra

Feb 10 2018 Sg Buluh Night 10k

Mar 4 2018 MWM 21km

Apr 8 2018 SCKLM 42km

Apr 14 2018 IPNM 42km

Jul 1 2018 Gold Coast 42km

Jul 15 2018 PJ 30km

Jul 28 2018 CULTRA

Looking forward to win some of these races ❤️❤️

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