Sunday, January 28, 2018

Kiddos time

Collected my Nuang Ultra race kit at My Town. A bit sad looking at my suposed to be hard earned medal & finishing tee which now can be easily obtained.


While waiting for kiddos Math seminar session started, we spent time reading books in MPH. Kiddos bought 2 books for their bed time story.

Anyway, malam ni ada makan-makan session at MMU cyberjaya at my brother's house. Might as well do my easy run there. Test my new shoes 😊😊

Buat macam rumah sendiri. Dah baca, susun semula, ok.

Semua busy cari buku

Nak pilih which one eh?

She can even do split really straight. Her legs very flexible.

Abang long Ariff.

Daddy choosing bed time storybook for her.

Kecik2 ni travel the wold by reading books. Dah besar nanti, boleh pergi travel betul2 ya.

Muka happy bila found his fav book.

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