Friday, May 25, 2018

8 Ramadhan 1439H

Mommy instinct : will always knew when somethings is not right.

Took her to the nearest clinic. The Doc gave us a referral letter - something to do with her kidney, he said.

So, here we are tonight. In yellow zone. Her tempreture was 39.5 just now. Nurse gave her a quick bath. Did some blood test.

Doc advised to admit her. Mommy hesitated. But after doc explained on the blood test result, mommy pasrah.

Seems like we are going to spend our sahur & iftar here for the next few days.

In emergency unit. 

1 comment:

DonnaSha said...

Uhhh.. naper??

Semuga cepat sembuh dear girl. Semuga dipermudahkanNya urusan Ad sekeluarga.

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