Sunday, May 13, 2018

Possible Run 2018

My last event before Ramadhan.

Run at training effort at the hilly Padang Merbuk after my long run yesterday. And legs felt great. Alhamdullilah. Lovin it.

Its a very well organized event! Thats why I repeated running the same event this year.

Clocked 59:53 for 10km. Jadilah. Im not so good in short distance run. But I'll keep trying and will definitely improve it over time. InsyaAllah.

Next week training is going to be a little tough. But I'll get it done anyways. Ive trained long distance running during last Ramadhan (for my Cultra 2017). Not a prob. The most important thing is keep showing up 🔥🔥

Met new friend. Pace her for the last 3km. Definitely will see u again Karen. 

Note: Feel free to mengadu domba to all my new friends. Dont worry coz I will always forgive whoever do that as I dont have time to meet other people in hereafter life plus I'll probably busy sorting out my own dosa. So, dont want to waste time solving other people prob at that time. Seek forgiveness from Him. I maybe not a good person. But who are we to talk abt someone past when they keep trying their best to move on.

Another new friend, Izzah. Met her during Score Run last week. I didnt take pics in most of my events (including this one). Credit Izzah & Karen for this pics.

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