Saturday, May 12, 2018

Tadom Hill Resort, Banting

After a long run this morning, we took kiddos to Tadom Hill Resort. The entry per pax is RM20. We paid RM90 for 5 pax (Aleesya's fees is RM10)

As expected, they love that place! I like it too.

We have so much fun doing so many xtvts together. Swim, rafting, jump from high platform on a tree into water and so many other games. They have lotsa games. Tadi pun just sempat try a few je. Time constraint.

And Aleesya, shes so confident in the water. Tanak dipegang. Nak berenang sendiri - which she did. Entah berapa puluh kali dia panjat platform dan buat terjun tiruk dalam tasik. Pastu kalau penat, dia duduk berendam sambil menyanyi. Yes, menyanyi. Sampai aunty2 kat situ semua duk gelihati tengok gelagat dia. Hepinya anak dara mommy ni.

Will comeback here again (maybe lepas raya) with the clan. Boleh camping and BBQ. InsyaAllah.

Trying the limbo rock games. 

Show off our Tadom wrist bracelet

Mamoru with kiddos fetching me & Aleesya with their raft

Playing giant jengga


Row row your raft

Climbing the view tower

Playing one of the obstacle

Love the bamboo house. 

Ariff in action

Aleesya main pasir

Me on another raft pulak with new friends

Semua yang mandi kat sini wajib pakai life jacket (its free)

Time well spent. Meriah.

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