Thursday, November 01, 2018

Its November already!

Its Aleesya birth month!

Aleesya is turning 3 years old on 6th November ❤️. Thank goodness her birth day falls on public holiday. So, I have the whole day to organize a birthday celebration for her. And most important, I wanted to make a special bithday cake for her *chef mode is on*

Actually, my original plan was to spend a day in PD with. Already booked a hotel in PD monthssss ago for this purpose. But after receiving lotsa feedback on how crowded and bad traffic would turn up on that specific day in PD (its Deepavali kan), so have to cancelled the booking.

Anyway, still thinking what should I buy for her birthday gift and venue to celebrate it 🤔🤔

Last night dinner. Bowl of goodness with edamame, avocado, beet & sweet potatoes. Sprinkle some chile flakes & some lemon juice! Tasted soooo good! Kacang2 tu baru bake dalam oven for my salad. Not included in my dinner bowl. 

1 comment:

aisha said...

Ad, edamame gemuk2 tu beli kat mana ye?

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