Monday, November 05, 2018

Now can sleep

So tense just now.. hihi. I literally shouting at my phone while looking at the New York tracking apps.. "cepat coach, almost there, cepatttt!".


Anddddd he did it!! Completed his last major marathon with another sub-3 hours continuously (for all 6 races!). Proud of him!

And congrats to Allie too! Sub-3 as ussual (a PB for her!). Compared to other top-10 women runner in her category, I can say her last 15k was the best! Negative splits! Finished soo strong! ❤️❤️

Aww.. Im so inspired by both!

Ok.. can sleep now. Esok keje.. hihi 

Allie punya result. See the last 15km punya pace. Awesome!

Coach Edan punya result. Tough race, but he did well! Bukan senang ok nak lari sub-3 hours. That is for his timing, 3 minit 50 saat per km. Aku kalau lari laju tu, mampu bertahan tak sampai satu kilometer.. hihihi

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