Saturday, March 02, 2019

Cant sleep

Actualy I did fell asleep right after dinner (after breastfeeding Aleesya).

But Mamoru woke me up in the middle of the night asked about stuff to bring to Putrajaya tomorrow. He just arrived home after his workout in Bukit Jalil.

We did a second round of cheking and making sure everythings in order & getting the bikes ready inside the car so that we could leave house on time.

Now.. I cant sleep.

This is not good as I need enough rest for my race this Sunday 😢😢

Nak kira kambing lompat pagar jap.. 1.. 2.. 3..

Prep dinner for myself only. Mamoru didnt eat at night. But I did cook extra just in case. Kiddos dah settle with nasi, sup ayam & telur dadar. 

Tadaa.. diner in served. Sauteed mushroom with carrot and broccoli + blackpepper grilled lamb and avocs.

Kiddos race kit for tomorrow's event

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