Monday, March 04, 2019

Kiddos first dualthlon

Congratulation Ariff & Amarr for completed their first dualthon event at Powerman Championship 2019 in Putrajaya

No drama at all. And they was super excited and energetic during the event.

Instead of competing against each other, they helped and motivated one another. I witnessed so  much love that day, between them.

It was a well organized event. Definitely will make it as kiddos annual event as they have asked me to register their names again next year!

Baju dia cantik sangat! Tapi kami tak guna time event. Kami surih kiddos pakai warna merah. Senang nak cam dari jauh.

Ariff in action

Amarr in action

Ariff second leg

Ariff dan Amarr during second leg

Amarr ready to ride his yellow BMX

Brotherly love. Motivate each other. So touched tengok gambar ni

Happy faces!! We are Powerkids!

My sons

Yeay dapat cert.

Ada gaya!

Team #outdoorfreak

Hapy tengok kiddos happy ❤️❤️

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