Friday, October 05, 2018

Running partner

Im looking for training partner(s). Desperately looking for one (or two / more). 

I dont care, if she (yes, must be woman) is a slow runner or never run before. As long as she want to run with me every weekend (thats all I ask - running partner(s) on weekend). Weekdays also welcome, if she wants.

Im now started my base training. I will be running very slow. And I would be more than happy to run at your pace. No matter how slow u are.

Do inform me, anyone, if u want me to be ur partner 😊😊❤️❤️

Weird things:

Aleesya makan roti / oreo, dia suka makan kulit roti / biskut oreo sahaja. Inti dalam roti dan cream oreo dia tak makan
Ariff pula akan makan isi dalam roti / cream oreo. Bahagian luar roti/biskut oreo dia tak makan
Amarr pula tak kisah. Dua2 dia makan.

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