Friday, February 15, 2019

Judging myself in miles

Thats it. Thats the only way I allow myself to be judged : only in MILES.

My running journey after being diagnosed with early osteoarthritis is not easy as it may seen. I struggle with so many things, especially FEAR of not being able to run again. 

My 6 months base training has been, blessed and wonderful. I didnt feel any pain. But it does feels a little weird on my left knee, sometimes. 

Managed to break my 10k PB tho. Better that my normal performance when I was, well, 'healthy'.

I never, seriously never takes running seriously. Never care about my running schedule, distance, races, etc. Not until I was diagnosed with OA. 

People said we tend to appreciate things when we lost something we really love. 

And yes, now I really appreciate every miles I run. Every single mile. So that I wont regret anything when my time to run is up.

Training has been very consistent since January. Rest days pun only on Monday & Friday. Tersusun je semua compared to few months earlier. 

Now maintaining 180+km mileage per month. Will keep it that way for the next couple of months. Previously mileage below 150km.

Gonna get myself a pacer after this. For my speedwork training.

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