Sunday, February 03, 2019

My longest run in 6 months!


Managed to run 20km this morning! The longest distance I ever run since my injury in July 2018.

Im a happy girl! Tenkiu Shah, Vivien & John for pacing me this morning. Tenkiu Mamoru and kiddos for the support. Im super happy today! Rasa nak nangis pun ada.

The most important thing, I ran without pain. Syukur sangat. Yes, I never felt that pain since August 2018. But still, takut nak push further. And honestly, Im not ready to run a half marathon yet. Lets take things slowly.

Now, nak enjoy my restday like a boss! 😎

Main2 dengan songkok Mamoru while he attended the annual mesyuarat khairat kematian. 

Kelakar sangat dia tengok mommy pakai songkok


Hilang mata dalam songkok

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