Saturday, February 23, 2019

Osteoarthritis knee

Received some questions from few people about OA knee in my IG.  Honestly I seldom baca message on IG. Even comments pun. Normally I just post photos with simple caption then thats it. I personally thought that IG is just a one way communication from me to whoever in my friendlist.

So apology for not replying.  

Most questions I received was about how I can manage the pain and run with OAA knee (Mosttof them have OA). They wanted to know which stage of OA I have and how do I cope with it.

Honestly I dont know how to answer it. Im no doctor. I dont know how to explain it scientifically. I cant comfort/advise them with something that I dont know clearly. But then againa I also  cant just ignore them, right? They are ike me - searching for answer / cure.

I think I will  start posting about my running journey with OA knee. Easier Hope it will inspire others or at least give hope for them to fight OA like what Im doing now.

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