Monday, February 25, 2019


My heart is excited for this week MWM run. But nervous too as they changed the venue from Shah Alam to Petaling Jaya. And its super hilly!

Dont mind the venue pun, as long as the road is safe for runners.

Lets do this things, knee! Lets rock MWM PJ!

Met the same people again yesterday during my long short run. Their're doing their final  long run before fly to Tokyo. 

Next year teringin pula nak lari kat Jepun. Nak try ballot lah. They said, chances to get selected for Nagoya marathon is higher than Tokyo. Nagoya marathon tu sama macam MWM. Its for women. And the best part is, they give Tiffany & Co pendant for all finisher! Aww...

Gambatte, guys! 

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