Saturday, February 10, 2018

Awesome morning

Woke up super early at 3.30am.

Meeting #teamrumie and the gang to join for a long run at Putrajaya.

Really enjoy meeting all of them. Rahim said to me & Rumie, "Sunyi SAC bila korang takde".

Aww.. so sweet.

Takpe, nanti kat Gold Coast kita kita boleh riuh sama2 ok.

Talking about GC, I just found out it will be winter in Melbourne during my runcation trip. And they got snowy place just  couple hours drive from Melbourne!

But Melbourne located 900km from Gold Coast. If I wanna go there, I have to take another 2 hours local flight from GC to Melbourne 🤔🤔

Actually, my original plan is to go backpackers style to Brisbane (1 hour drive from GC) then hike Mount Beerwah. The weather in GC & Brisbane is cold but the tempreture is around 12°c - 21°c.

In second thought, I think Im willing to trade my gunung hike with that snowy place.. hihi.

Gotta do more ground research in Melbourne. I will be going alone for this bacpackers trip. Will stay with SAC team until race day only. Then, Im off for my own adventure ❤️

Oh btw. Today is super hectic:
*Drive straightaway from POJ to office. Mandi &  start working. Completed the system live test checking at 9.00am.
*Drive again to collect my race kit
*Arrived home at 12pm and takeover mom's duty.
*Tonight got to complete my revovery / easy run pula. 2 runs today.

Tomorrow must rest. Kiddos time pula.

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