Friday, February 02, 2018

Calls from New York

Cont. from previous entry.

While taking care of Amarr, I spent time scrolling few of my fav runner's on IG. Decided to email one of them asking about something. To my suprise, they sent me a reply within minutes only! And thats how its started - we started emailing each other all night before  decided to talk and discuss over phone. It was 5.00 am in the morning when I received a long distance call from New York.

We talked about my running performance, experience, previous & upcoming races etc. 

We kept the conversation short and planed to talk again tomorrow morning as I gotta go run and he also need to conduct his strenght class with other runners in his gym.

The 12 hours gap between KL & NY is a bit confusing at first. Little did I know that his 'next morning' meant 'my evening'. It was almost Maghrib when I received another call today from NY. 

This time around, we had a very briefed discussion - covered eveeything I need to know. And the rest is history. 😊😊

I hope this would be a starting point for something big. And Im already excited 😍😍

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