Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sungai Buloh Night Run 2018

Sungai Buluh Night Run 2018 - 10km

Race kit collection was not well organized
Poor time management
Poor safety on road
Poorly arranged water station (1st was at km3 & last at km8)
No timing chip

Overall, it was a very poorly organized event (for runners). Hopefully they can improve this next time.

But I did have fun catching up with lotsa familiar faces. Almosy all fastest runners was there last night.

The race was delayed more than half an hour due to soo many miscommunications plus all the formal speech by the organizer and their guests of honors.

Organizers, please, this is a running events. Nor a carnival or expo, etc. Were u expecting us runners to sit on the tarmac listening to a long speech, one after another when we are at the starting line and about to flag off? Common sense please.

It was supposed to be my easy run last night since I already joined #teamrumie for their long run earlier that morning. But I get a little too excited and run at my steady pace instead.

Legs felt a little tired especially at the hilly area (with water station long apart), but I managed to maintain my pace and speed up the last 2km. Missed the 10th placing only by few seconds. Darn. Haha.

Its okay. Its a very competitive run. Especially with Sheela, Tahira and the rest of the fastest runners was there.

Short distance is my weakness. Will try to improve it over time, insyaAllah.

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