Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Picnic at Sg Congkak

Throwback last Sunday.

Spent time with the sibling and the in-laws. It was un-planned trip. We just want to take kiddos and their cousins mandi sungai. Its been a while we didnt gathered like this.

Next, we planned to have an overnight camping trip with them. Already bought a super big tent to accomodate the whole families.. ❤️

Enjoying our pot luck. 

Kiddos and their cousins masak sosej

Makan time

Jambatan gantung. Look at Aleesya.. she didnt even scared walking on this bridge.

Mandi time!


That kelambu tent is really strong. Bought it when Amarr was few months old duringbour camping trip last time in Gopeng. Still standing.

My babygirl

Aleesya with her fav's man


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