Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Lagi gambar cuti2 Cameron Highlands

Layan gambar je la naa minggu ni. Tak dan nak cerita panjang 😊😊

With her favourite man.

Kiddos main air sungai kat tengah2 kebun teh Bharat.

In front of our rooom.

Look who is the happiest❤️

Mini waterfall at Bharat Tea valley

Breathtaking view. I even took the boys hike up the tea hills. They're so energetic. Have to pujuk them turn back coz worried about Aleesya (Aleesyaa & daddy tunggu kat kaki bukit)

The view!!

The water was soo serjuk!!

Having some brownies and drinks at Bharat cafe.


Say keju!

Our ride (tramp). We took this ride to middle of the tea farm. 

Mamoru & her favourite girl ❤️

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