Saturday, February 03, 2018

Our crib in Cameron Highlands

This time around I choosed Nova apartment near Kea Farm. It was a good choice as it have a lot of attraction for kiddos like fun fair + art museum + lotsa restaurants (korean, mamak, kopitiam) + vege & fruits stalls everywhere + 7E = all in one roof. Super convinient.

And the fact that this place is 8km from Tanah Rata is also a good starting point for me to run (early in the morning - less car). If you wany more mileage, can run around golf area or hospital area (less car and superb view). If nak lari trail pun boleh, just head to Boh tea plantation entrance which is right in front of the hotel (to & fro Boh plantation is 6km). Theres another option for trail - run at gunung Perdah / Berembun trail. But unfortunately, all forestry area were closed by the state gov until end of January. Boleh je nak redah the trail, but I want to be a good citizen and respect the rules.

I wish someday, I could own an apartment Cameron coz I love this place so much.

Homemade dish while u are on vacation is the best. Make u feels at home. Yes I cook all the time in here. I loveee cooking. Esp when all the fresh vege in Cameron.

The tv area. Pretty big eh?. It has balcony too. I loveee the wooden floor so much. One tips rent an apartment/hotel in Cameron is to never choose the one with marble floor. It will be super cold at night and your kids (even yourself) wouldnt want to step on it. For me, wooden or carpeted floor is perfect.

Happy face


Our one bedroom apartment - view from main entrance

The kitche area.

With my son. 

View from bedroom - glasswall

Living room area
Another homemade dishes (ice cream tu beli kat Tapah)

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