Monday, February 26, 2018

Century Pines Resort, Cameron Highlands

We're here again in Cameron Highlands for the second time this year!

I should buy a house in here since I loveeee this place so much 😁😁

This time around, we stayed in Century Pines Resort. I choosed Deluxe room with garden view as I wanted kidddos to have a bigger and safest play area.

The room was large with king sized bed, sofa bed, huge bathroom and beautiful garden! ❤️❤️ And it was super clean!

I love it! The weather also so nice. With 10°c to 22°c. No rain this time 😊😊

Will be staying here again for my Cultra race in July. Saja test the accomodation awal2. Amik mood Cultra.. haha.

Baru bangun tidur. Baju tidur Aleesya tu owner taska yang belikan. Rasanya macam baru bulan lepas dia belikan Aleesya pyjama with straberry printed. Sayang sungguh mama Ana kat Aleesya. Tenkiuu mama Ana. Tenkiu sebab sayangkan anak2 saya ❤️

Our room. Pretty fancy kan.

Tub, shower& toilet bowl asing2. Nice.

The bed. Muat kami berlima atas ni.

View dari depan

The garden

Bilik air

My cinta

Luas garden dia. Seronok anak2 main.

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