Sunday, February 04, 2018

Cameron Ultra 2018 registration

Spent time playing with them at Tanah Rata. The weather was nice and sunny but still cold (I like!).

I love this place so much. I used to come here often during my gunung trip. Luckily I managed to signed up the Cameron Ultra trail running race before the slots was sold out within minutes!! Wow! So proud to be among the Cultrarians this year!

So I will be visiting you again in July, Cameron Highlands! Already secure my booking for 4 nights at the Century Pines Resort! Finally, managed juga book this hotel. This is the closest hotel to race village. We're soo lucky this year. Last 2 years, we stayed at Herritage hotel (almost 1km from race village). Herritage Hotel is nice but I bet kiddos like the Century Pines Resort better. So close to the big playground!

I registered for 30km trail only as I wont have time to train for ultra distance. But, this year, I want to win ❤️


Amarr in action

With my 2 boys & my babygirl

Kayuh laju2

Little princess & her fav hero

Ariff enjoying his ride. Boleh masuk dualthlon ni 😊😊

Red riding hood with cute little wolf

My mini

Hm, susah jadi princess ni, semua berebut nak tolakkan basikal dia ❤️

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