Monday, February 05, 2018

Layan kiddos at Cameron

Trowback Cameron Highlands.

Kiddos was sooooo happy when they found out this play area is just next to our apartment in Cameron Highlands.

Ariff & Amarr kept saying "tenkiuu mommy, tenkiuu daddy for taking us here!" repeatedly.


Sangat recommended Nova apartment ni. But Im not gonna repeat  staying here coz I love exploring new place, new hotel ❤️

Art museum in Cameron? Oh yess. Not bad kan. RM5 per entry. Only at Nova apartment

Surfing with sharks

Amarr inside giant bubble

Mini ferris wheel. Each games RM5-6 camtu. They have lotsaaaa games & entertainment. Sedia duit jela.

Inside lion's mouth

Row row row your boat..

Aleesya tak dapat main semua games sebab tak cukup tinggi.

Selalu main toys. Ni yang half real punya.. hihi

Magic carpet

Err.. la la la..



Byk lagi gambarkat dalam museum art ni.. tak dann naknupload semu 😊😊

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