Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Berlari di Cameron Highlands

Some of photos taken during my training in Cameron, my happy place ❤️

Live life to its fullest. ❤️

My life basically about people I love and things I like to do. Thats all. Simple. I dont have enemy nor haters. I dont, seriously. Coz I never hates anyone. Thats not my practice. Never. ❤️

I never hates people who forced my parents to divorced.
I never hates people who seperated me from my late mom and forbid me & my siblings from seeing her.
I never hates people who seperated me from my siblings and sent them away to other families even they refused and cried.
I never hates people who never came and visit my late mom when she was sick.
I never hates people who never show up when my late mom passed away.
I never hates people who treated us poorly due to our poverty.
I never hates people for every marks they left on my body with the rotan & kayu api.


In fact, I thanked them for everthings they have done. For every difficulties they have put me through. Without them, I might not became who I am now ❤️

Again. Im living my life to its fullest. Coz I know what I deserves after all the tears, sweats and bloods!

Note: I went back home dur8ng lunch hour tadi. Purposely to see my Ariff. Sent him to school and hug him again. Love him so much. ❤️

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