Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bowling with kiddos

Mamoru got Bowling tournament with his officemates at One Utama.

While Mamoru busy playing, kiddos also took their chances playing bowling too.

Pre school holidays treat before we go to Cameron Highlands this coming Tuesday.

Sat lagi nak tengok Peter Rabbit movie (requested by Amarr). Sure mengantuk mommy tengok cerita kartun ni.. haish. Layan je lah.. hihi. Bila lah mommy nak dapat chance tengok cerita romance pulak 😅😅

They always exited when it comes to bowling.

Mamoru in action - with his colleages.

Ariff & Amarr scoring

Amarr in action. They used 6kg bowling ball

Mommy jadi mandur je 😅😅😅


Ariff in action

Peneman mommy shopping bila the boys busy with their games. Besar sikit nanti kita boleh pegi salon & buat girly stuff sama2 ❤️

Muka happy kiddos

Before tournament started

Kalau ada meow moustache ni memang keje Mamoru. 😂😂
2 years & 4 months - still breastfeeding ❤️

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