Monday, March 12, 2018

Collect race kit PDRM night run

This would be my 3rd half marathon in a row in this month at hilly area.

I really need hills training. My every other night training was all at the flat route (due to time constraint). No hills at all. Ive stopped running around hilly Tasik Permaisuri since last Ramadhan. That is almost 10 months already. Coz theres too many construction over there - not safe.

Last Friday I started running the Tasik again (with Mamoru teman me of course - he followed by car) The jogging track was upgraded. Looks safe. Saw few runners too. But still tak berani run alone. Need someone to teman.

Went to Pulapol to collect the race kit. Kiddos was soo excited to see police officer in training. Kebetulan masa sampai ada polis tengah berkawad. Diaorangbpun ikut berkawad sama.. haha.

Camni lah bila suruh ambil gambar. Lantak lah. Mommy upload jugak.

Inside the hall

Tak suruh pun, tapi dia ni bab angkat2 beg or barang, dia suka offer diri. Good girl.

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