Friday, March 23, 2018

Happy face + Happy pace + Happy place = Happy me!

The feelings when u complated your long run : priceless 🔥🔥

I ran 32km this morning. The longest distance since Klang marathon in December 2017.

Thanks to #teamrumie for the company. Couldnt have completed the distance without you guys.

And most important, I met Muhaidzar! One of my running idol. We share the same training ground too. Sempat asked him for some running tips 😁😁.

Looking at my timing for this long run, I think its quite hard for me to complete the SCKLM 2018 full marathon in 4:21. For now, I'd say, I would be happy if I can complete it in sub-5 hours. Lets be realistic, shall we. Just run happy 😊😊

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