Monday, March 19, 2018

On a mission

Summary: Average cadence is 97 rpm (that is 194 spm). Vo2 is excellent for my age. 

Just something I need to record and study.
There will be time when I look back to all this data, I can proudly say, Im stronger than I was before. And Im glad, I never give up.


Twincity 21k - 21 Jan 2018
My first 21k with almost zero mileage (more than a month) due to dental surgery.
My HR at its best during my long run. Im using HR belt with my Suunto Ambit2.

MWM 21k - 4 March 2018
In my first week training for Gold Coast Marathon. 
Im using Suunto Spartan Sport wrist HR for this race. Coach Edan once said, wrist HR tends to show very high HR. 

Bukit Jalil 21k - 11 March 2018
Second week training. Still building up.
Ignore my HR. Still figure out how to get accurate HR with my Suunto wrist HR. Or maybe I need use back my HR belt?

PDRM 21k - 17 March 2018
Third week. Very little improvement. But its ok. Slowly building up.
Just ignore the HR. 

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