Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Bukit Jalil Half Marathon 2018

Another hilly run but do-able. Kudos to organizer for a well organized event!

I ran this route back in 2014. It was my first half marathon race and I completed it in 2:19.

Last Sunday, I ran this hilly route again and finished in 2:18. Ngee.. it means my fitness today is exactly like I was four years ago.. haha. Not much different.

I really enjoyed running Bukit Jalil... errr.. scratch that one.. 

The truth is, my last 5km was a disaster. Luckily someone paced me from here till finishing.

Short distance and hilly route is my weakness now. Will train harder next time and will  definitely include this event in my running calendar next year, insyaAllah.

Congrats to all SAC podium runners! Really proud og u guys! 💪💪😘😘

With SAC. Will join them again after SCKLM for our Gold Coast  training session.

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