Monday, November 20, 2017

Long run at KLIA

Registered for 42km in KUL Marathon but decided to run with the 25km group as I wanted to concerntrate on my Klang marathon (another 20 days to go).

As ussual, I started late 10 mins after 25km flag off. Lambat sampai 😂😂. Last person from starting line.

But I really enjoyed my run. This time, I didnt even bother about runner who ran faster than me.

Felt so good when even at my slowest pace, I can over take or ran pass hundreds of other runners.

And my legs felt great! 

Managed to maintain my marathon pace for the last 10km. But I stopped few metres before finishing line. Didnt even cross it coz at that time, few top 5 winners for 42km category was about to cross the line. I dont want the timing mat capture my bib. It would be a messed nanti.

I checked the timing result. Its good to know that I could place myself in top 5 in both category (42 & 25). But I didnt regret any of it. I dont care about the prizes. All I want is to improve my timing. That is what matter the most.

Lets hit Monday like a boss! Been running non-stop last week. Lets rest today and carbo load banyak2.

With Rahim (from SAC as well). Coach Edan told him to run at pace 5:00 for this event. But he said kaki rasa best, so he ran at pace 3:00 - 4:00 for 25km and finished in 1:58 and also won himself the 3rd place for men category. 

Dah habis lari, dia cakap takut coach marah sebab tak dengar kata.. haha.. pandai lah jawab dengan coach nanti tau.


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