Monday, November 13, 2017


3 weeks left for Klang marathon.

Coach Edan said, he's been monitoring my training progress for the past 6 weeks. And he's very confindent I can easily break my PB.

I wish I am that confident too. But I dunno why I have this doubt. Nervous maybe?

I got another 2 training weeks (this week & next week) before I start tapering. In my condition now, I need  at least 2 weeks to taper. My body need to stay calm and more rest before the race day.

Never been this nervous before.



Good luch to this abam2 sado for their final race at Chiang Mai marathon next month. They invited me. Tapi Ive registered for Cebu marathon. Tarikh dekat sangat. Next time kita register world major race sama2 okay. May the force be with us next month! All the best, guys💪💪💪

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