Thursday, November 16, 2017


Rasa down couple of days ago when my legs felt stiff and heavy and tired. Donno what went wrong or maybe nothings wrong at all. Maybe its normal, I donno.

But that did not stop me from running.

Last night was the scariest. Was supposed to do my progressive interval run at my marathon pace. I really scared if I couldnt run at my MP let alone hold it for a specific time.

But suprisingly, legs felt okay after 3km and I managed to finish it as per schedule!

And this morning, I did my double session again! My first morning run in this week! I felt great! No fatigue, no stiff leg. Yeay!

Btw, Im in Melaka right now. Holidaying. Decided to take this last minutes leave to fix my running mood. Turns out I didnt need it at all. My running beast-mode already back. All I need is to hit the road ✌️

Aleesya kacau mommy excercise ❤️❤️❤️

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