Sunday, November 19, 2017

SmartKids programme with Smart Atheletic Club

Introduce them to another healthy hobby (other than hiking & swimming) Gave them as much options as we can as parents. Hopefully one day, they will fall in love with one of it.

Thank you coach Edan for organizing Smartkids programme under SAC. Its an honor and priviledge to have Malaysian world class fastest marathoner to coach kiddos on running.

Its also a wonderful thing to share with kiddos things I love to do. So they will understand why Im doing it.

I wish I have this kind of opportunity when I was little. So I would know how interesting my world could be.

But its never too late for me or too early for kiddos, right?

Live life to its fullest!

Credit photog: Rumie & Mamoru


Me with coach Edan, Jolene & #teamrumie
Group photos with all Smartkids



Aleesya ni pun aktif sangat. Tunggu awak besar sikit ya.. 

Precious pics. One day, they will surely appreciate this ❤️

Ada aunty buat zumba tepi track, dia sibuk follow step aunty tu berzumba. Sampai aunty tu cakap, "she follow my step, pandainya"
Haha.. anak mommy kan ❤️

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